Smoker dish

Product Design

Smoker dish is a tool designed for cold-smoking food. Made entirely of ceramic, it allows us to flavour different types of food.

It is made of two parts; a top cap provided with a central brazier sealed with a lid, and a plate to store the produce at the bottom.

The combustion chamber is connected with the interior of the lid through a series of holes arranged circularly in the inner part of the brazier.The smoke passes through these holes and comes into contact with the food placed inside.

With this version you can enhance the flavour of your food thanks to the different combinations of smoking kits, such as orange wood, orange with rosemary and thyme, and oak and orange with juniper.

The smoking kits are made up of an oak charcoal tablet and a sufficient quantity of wood chips to smoke for 30 to 40 minutes.

After lighting the carbon tablet, it becomes a hot ember in approximately 1 or 2 minutes. At this moment the wood chips are added on top of the tablet in small doses to generate the necessary smoke to cold smoke the food.

With the Smoker plate you can smoke food with cold smoke easily, changing the taste of the food in a very special way and for the benefit of natural nutrition.