Cork Shelves

Product Design

Cork shelves is a project that surges recycling one of the most common objects we usually trow away, present in our house, on our table: the cork.
Each cap presents different shades, scents and textures, creating a wide tonal range which transmits a sense of warmth. Each cork has its one life: it carries the memory of shared events, of the people who shared that wine.
The cap presents special physical characteristics: lightness, elasticity and resistance to pressure and weight.
These particular features made me decontextualize the object from its traditional use. Isolated, a cap has no additional function, but , when assembled with more caps, it reveals new potentials. Put together, the objects produce a dense network that gives the structure strength. The presence of the glass adds stability to the piece, allowing to store objects securely.
The warm and natural colors of the cork give the design a rustic look ,easy to match both in domestic atmospheres, at home, and in public spaces, such as restaurants, wine sellers, shops…
All the objects are handcraft made and produced in limited edition. The outcome of each product is unique and can be adapted to the needs and purposes of the client.
Photo by Pedro Rivera Polo